Kx Family Care and One World Products, Inc. Announce Partnership

Kx Family Care and One World Products, Inc. announce their strategic partnership today, becoming the exclusive producer and distributor of Kx Family Care products in Columbia and Latin America.

One World Products, Inc., a fully-licensed hemp and cannabis producer in Colombia and ascendant international hemp and cannabis company and Kx Family Care, a CBD-enriched, family-focused personal care product line created by Stephen Marley and Shelly O'Neill, today announced their strategic partnership in which One World Products is expected to become the singular producer and distributor of Kx Family Care in Columbia and Latin America.

 Building on this exclusive partnership, One World Products will be leveraging its state-of-the-art facilities within the Colombian Free Trade Zone to produce Kx Family Care products. The two entities will engage in collaborative efforts to market and distribute Kx Family Care products. This strategic move will be a significant step for both companies in expansion of their global outreach and establishing a stronger presence in pivotal international markets. Furthermore, One World Products will work in tandem to leverage Kx Family Care’s extensive user base. 

Isiah Thomas, Chairman, and CEO of One World Products, Inc., expressed his enthusiasm for the venture: “This strategic relationship with Kx Family Care is more than a partnership; it's a shared vision for wellness and the sustainable future of personal care. Together, we are poised to harness the remarkable benefits of the cannabis plant, honoring Bob Marley's legacy and bringing a holistic approach to consumers in Colombia and beyond. We are eager to embark on this journey, integrating our expertise with the rich history and reach of the Marley brand.”